What is Motherboard and How does it work?

What is Motherboard and How does it work? A motherboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. The components of the computer system are also input and output devices connected to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the computer’s memory holds them all together at the motherboard. It also transfers current to all the parts so they can do their job.

What is a Motherboard? You must have heard this before. Because even successful people use computers or take computer courses, they know it. You may not already be aware of this. And if you want to know about it, here I will tell you what a motherboard is. Just as a mother has many children, she keeps them all connected to each other, in the same way that a motherboard keeps all the parts of a computer system together. That’s why it’s called a motherboard. Gains are also parts of the computer, the work of each is different but they only work when connected to the motherboard. If it’s not connected to it, it can’t work.

A motherboard is the main printed circuit board (PCB) of any computer. It is also known by different names like motherboard, main circuit board, etc. Just as all parts need to be connected to the motherboard, in the same way, without some parts, it cannot work alone. So, all important information related to motherboard, we will inform about it through this post and talk about it in detail. What is the motherboard? You will also be curious to know about Motherboard, then you will know what is its history and how it works.

What is the motherboard?

In other words, the motherboard is the foundation of the computer. Just as land is needed to build a house, in the same way every part of the computer needs a base, which we know as a motherboard. This is a hub where all parts of the computer are located. I have already said that a computer motherboard is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that connects other parts like hard drive, CPU, RAM, graphics card, TV card. Then it works, so it also provides enough electricity for them.

The motherboard is made of a very strong plastic sheet which is an insulator, that is, a poor conductor of electricity. This sheet has a thin layer of aluminum or copper foil printed on it, which we can see as a mark. These traces are very narrow and form circuits for various parts. In addition to these circuits, there are many sockets and slots on a motherboard that are used to connect all other parts.

Main Components of Motherboard

Computer motherboards are also made up of different parts, knowing that you can do little things related to the computer yourself. So let’s know how many parts are in it.

Power connectors:

To supply electricity to the central processing unit and other components, it has a power connector.

CPU socket:

You should know that there is a processor in the computer, according to its capacity, the speed at which the computer runs. The CPU socket itself helps to install the processor on the motherboard. This means that you must have understood that the CPU plugs into the socket to connect to the motherboard. There are many pins in the socket at the bottom of the motherboard that act as connectors. Supplies electricity to the processor. Apart from this, it transfers the data to other components of the computer. If you ever want to upgrade your processor, you can’t do it in this socket. For this, you must also know the different types of plugs. Pentium (P1, P2, MMX), AMD K5/K6 Socket 370: Pentium 3 processor, Intel Celeron processor Socket 7775: Intel Dual Core processor, P4, Xeon Socket 1156: Intel i3, i5, i7 processor Socket 3366: i7 900 processor

Input/output ports:

In general, the input and output ports are located on the back of the computer’s chassis. Input and output ports are often provided to connect monitors, printers, keyboards, speakers, microphones, Internet/network cables, and many USB components.


The full form of BIOS is “Basic Input Output System”, it is also a component installed on the motherboard which is in the form of an integrated chip. All your information and settings are stored in the BIOS. You can change the settings by going to BIOS mode.

CMOS Battery:

The full form of CMOS is “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor”. This is a 3.0 volt lithium cell battery.

RAM (memory) slots:

Any motherboard can have more than one slot to install RAM. This slot is close to the CPU slot. In a way, RAM is the most important part of the motherboard, which we also know as random access memory. It is also called volatile memory, it is also a temporary memory in a way. These help run the application. If a processor is fast and its RAM capacity is very high, then the application will run without problems.

IDE Connector :

Integrated Drive Electronics, also known as IDE in short, is used to connect hard disk drives to the motherboard.

SATA Connector :

The full form of SATA is Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. These are new types of connectors which have 7 pin interfaces. It is used to connect SATA hard disk and optical disk. These are faster and better than IDE connectors.

Expansion Card Slots :

Expansion card slots are used whenever you have to add a new component to the motherboard or update a part. Expansion slot helps in connecting the external card.

Storage Device Connectors:

Although we use hard disk drives, optical drives and floppy disk drives in computers, but with this we also use some other external storage devices so that we can store data and then later or in other computers. to use that data. For this we also need to connect this external storage device to the motherboard. Every motherboard has at least 2 storage device connectors available.

Co-Processor :

One of the most important components of a motherboard is the Co-Processor. It is in a way a helper of the main processor, which performs the task of mathematical calculations and computer graphics.

USBPort :

Every motherboard has a USB port so that we can connect external and storage devices like pen drives, printers.

PS/2 Connector :

This port is used to connect keyboard and mouse.

GamePort :

We use game ports to connect all types of gaming devices.

Parallel or LPT port :

Parallel port is used to connect scanner and printer.

Sound Card Connectors :

This port is very important for connecting audio devices such as speakers and microphones.

Display Connector :

With the help of this, we connect the computer monitor to the motherboard.

COM (Communication) port :

We use this port to connect devices like mouse and modem.
Function of computer motherboard in Hindi

Computer Circuitry :

Motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer, in which all the circuit boards and components important for the working of the computer are kept together. Paths are made in the circuit of the motherboard in which electricity flows as well as data is transferred from one component to another.

ComponentHub :

The primary function of the motherboard is to act as a basis on which the components of the computer are installed. It is like a hub where all the parts of the computer come and connect with each other such as the central processing unit (CPU), graphics card and system memory (RAM).


Motherboard acts as a communication hub. It manages the traffic of all the data information inside the computer system with the help of motherboard chipset. The motherboard chipset directs the data flow to the component as per the requirement.

Peripherals :

The motherboard allows every input and output device of a computer system to function. This increases the ability of the computer to complete many tasks. These devices include printers, keyboards, game controllers, external hard drives and audio jacks. To connect these devices to the computer, we plug them directly from the ports, sockets, connectors of the motherboard.

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Motherboard has in-built RAM (Read Only Memory) and it is different from RAM which contains Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) of the computer. Its most important task is to manage the boot-up process of the computer. That is, when we turn on the power of our computer, then the BIOS itself completes the process of starting our computer system.

History of Motherboard

The motherboard that is installed in the computers we use today has come a long way. The motherboards of the computers that were used in the early days used to be quite different from the motherboards of today. It has come to us after a long road and much has changed in it. So, let’s know the history of the computer motherboard.

  • In 1981, the IBM “Planer” breadboard was the first motherboard used in computer systems.
  • In 1984, IBM devised the advanced technology that gave rise to today’s computer system . Due to advanced technology, it became quite popular and proved to be a standard motherboard that fits all kinds of desktop computers.
  • Gigabyte was born in 1986, and it was created by Ye Pei Cheng from Taiwan.
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  • In 1987, Elite Group became the world’s largest manufacturer of ECS motherboards.
  • In 1989, ACER Device formed a small company in Taiwan named Pegasus, which later became the world’s largest motherboard. maker.
  • Intel developed PAGA in 1993, the full form of which is the Plastic Pin Grid Array. Contributed to integrated circuit packaging.
  • The ATX form was released after AT in 1995. It was introduced by rectifying the drawbacks of advanced technology.
  • Intel itself began manufacturing motherboards starting this year. Likewise, its reputation was very good, so it didn’t take long for it to establish itself in the market.
  • Micro ATX boards were made in 1998, which were half the size of ATX board.< /li
  • ITX motherboards were made in 2001 and used to be very small.
  • In 2005, Intel expanded balance technology again.
  • In 2007, ASUS Tek became the world’s largest computer motherboard manufacturer.
  • Mobile ITX board was manufactured in 2009. ITX was the smallest size motherboard whose size was 60*60MM.

In summary

In today’s post, you have learned what is the definition of motherboard in English. Along with this, he also learned what is motherboard and what are the parts of motherboard. The motherboard is one of the most important parts of the computer, which has come a long way to us. You have also read this journey here in Motherboard Story in Hindi.

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