Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Storage and Disadvantages

Usability and Availability

The first of the main advantages of cloud storage is convenience and availability. Most cloud storage services come with an easy-to-use user interface and drag-and-drop functionality. For example, you can think of Google Drive from Google or iDrive from Apple. They both have a simple interface and you can easily upload a file to your online drive without any expert knowledge. For example, if you saved a file to disk using your mobile device, you can read it using your computer or any other device with an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter where you are now. If you have a good internet connection, you can access files that are stored online in data centers somewhere.


If anything is associated with the Internet, security becomes our foremost concern. Both large and small businesses use cloud storage solutions, so before choosing a cloud service for your business, make sure that the service you are providing provides increased security.

Cloud storage stores your data on redundant servers, so even if one of the data centers goes down, your data will be managed by the other data centers, keeping your data safe and maintained. If all the data centers of the storage provider collapse or are destroyed, only your data can be lost, which is completely impossible since the cloud storage service consists of thousands of data centers.

Some vendors of cloud storage solutions store copies of your data in different data centers, so even if data is lost or damaged on the server, the backup must be there.


By using only a cloud storage service, the company outsources the problem of data storage. By using online data storage, the company reduces the cost of internal resources. With this technology, the company itself does not need any internal power and support to manage and store its data; the cloud storage vendor handles everything. There are several cloud storage options that provide lifetime cloud storage at an affordable price, which is good for small businesses and individual users.

Convenient file sharing

All cloud storage options have file sharing features that help you share files with other users. You can send a file to another user or invite multiple users to view your data. Most all vendors provide a cloud environment where two users using the same cloud service can share their data, although there are only a few providers that offer cross-platform file sharing features.


Cloud storage services act like a hard drive in your system and if you want to store any file in the cloud, they will not limit any task you are running. It is possible that the cloud storage service is used by more than one user and the current responsibility of one user will not affect the task of another because it is all managed and automated by the cloud service provider.

Multiple users

The same cloud environment can have more than one user associated with it. With cloud storage, multiple users can collaborate on a shared file. For example, you can allow multiple users to access and edit files. An authorized person can access your file from anywhere in the world in real time.


Another advantage of cloud storage is related to synchronization. Every cloud storage provider provides a synchronization feature. With sync, you can sync your cloud storage data with any device you want. As we have already discussed, we can access our data from any device and anywhere in the world, but this access is achieved with the help of synchronization. With the right credentials, you can connect to a subscription storage service using any device and access all of your data that was stored in that cloud storage. There is no need to copy data from one device to another, but a good internet connection is required to access the files.


No hard drive or flash drive is required to access or view the data – everything is done online. However, if you want to download any file or data, you may need a storage device or you can download that data to your device. But if you want to browse your data, it won’t take up space on your device. Even if you make any changes to your data, all changes will be reflected on every device that syncs with that storage service. No expert or technical knowledge is required to use the cloud storage service. All heavy lifting is handled by the seller himself.


Cloud storage is scalable and flexible. If your current storage plan is insufficient, you can upgrade to a service plan. And you don’t need to move any data from one place to another, extra space will be added to your data storage environment with some extra features.

Disaster Recovery

Coming to the end of the advantages of using cloud storage, the last one has to do with disaster recovery. Every company has a backup storage plan that stores all copies of its data. If they face any problem of data crash or loss, they can retrieve the data from the backup plan, so cloud storage options are the best way to solve this problem. Cloud storage service provides the best platform for disaster recovery data. Any company can use cloud storage as a backup data store, so in case of data loss, the company can restore data backups from the cloud.

Disadvantages of cloud storage

Below are the main disadvantages of using cloud storage services.

Drag and drop

The drag-and-drop option can move the original data from one location to another, so make sure you don’t use the drag-and-drop option. Just use the copy and paste method.

Addiction to the Internet

Without an internet connection, you won’t be able to access your data when you download a file from cloud storage. If an internet failure occurs, it may corrupt the downloaded data.

Data security and privacy

Many cloud storage vendors lack data security and privacy fields and there are many cases of data leakage from cloud storage.


Most of the best cloud storage services are expensive; this is because they are specifically designed for business purposes. If you choose a cheaper plan, you may have to compromise on some features.


Over the past decade, cloud storage services have gained a lot of popularity in the software industry – and now every major tech company has its own cloud service. Whether it is a small or a large business, everyone needs a cloud storage service to store their data because data is another powerful weapon. Big tech is investing heavily in the cloud industry because it has the potential to change the entire structure of storage and connectivity.

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