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The Complete Guide To Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce decided to replace it with a more advanced community cloud service. Thanks to the pandemic, the shift to a digital world has never been more important. Many companies have had to change their workflows, so Salesforce made an exciting choice.

That’s how the Salesforce Experience Cloud came to be. It is a platform that encourages the creation of connected digital experiences to help your company manage the entire customer journey. This article will help clarify any questions you may still have about this service.

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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a platform that works with Salesforce. It allows you to build online communities and give customers, partners or employees a place to talk. In other words, your company can create a personalized corporate virtual space with a company touch through Experience Cloud.

It also makes it possible to digitize business processes, just like today’s contactless options. This is done with the help of Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, Mobile Publisher and other web applications in the Salesforce suite. Businesses can easily produce and deliver personalized content, websites, portals, mobile apps and storefronts.


Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

Integrate data from any source. You can integrate data from any source, such as leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns, orders, financial reports, and custom objects, whether from Salesforce or a third party.
Deliver a customized experience. Make your business a provider of customized experiences to meet the needs of each type of user, and Salesforce Experience Cloud does this by using data from your CRM to find the best way to segment your target markets, audiences, and users.
Personalize services for each type of device. Make the most of your organization’s digital experience by using templates that work well on all mobile devices and have an easy-to-use interface. This is also because it is based on responsive design.
Increase interaction with your users. Give personalized badges to the most active community members. Members can also recommend others based on their skills and experience, and Experience Cloud does just that.
Real-time tracking: Lets you measure, process and analyze data from your site using Lightning dashboards that you can customize in Experience Workspace to continuously improve your brand experience.
Optimized Response Management. You can keep all of your brand information from pages and experiences in one place. This lets you collect and process conversations, documents, groups, and experts in one place. This makes it easier for you to organize your answers.
Analytics for decision making. Reports and dashboards can be displayed to customers plus and partner community users.

Quick start package for cloud experiences

Customized and branded community portals will allow your customers, partners and employees to be more engaged and work together.

How can I make a difference in my experience?

With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can set up different branding spaces to fit your company’s style and way of doing business. For example, you can

Help Center and Customer Service. Give your customers a place where they can get help without having to call support. It sets up a knowledge base where users can find answers to frequently asked questions and other useful articles. This is called “self-service”. The platform can also serve as a community forum or portal where people can share their thoughts, comments and suggestions about your products, services and brand experience. This allows companies to understand how the public feels about it.
Account Portal. A place where your customers can manage their accounts and renewals, and a place where you can manage your cases and claims.
Partner Portal. Give your partners a complete way to manage the channels and processes of your business. On this site, you can share new ideas, leads, contacts, and ways to drive sales and improve workflow in all areas.
A community of employees: a virtual space that makes it easier for everyone to work together or to make working from home easier. Teams can put areas together through this portal based on their goals, projects or events. Access to records, information and data also becomes easier so that everyone can be more productive.
Do it on your website. Using Experience Builder, you can make something new that fits your company’s style, business flow, and needs better than any pre-made solution.

Benefits of the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Extend your CRM data. With Experience Cloud, and you can show all the details in Salesforce CRM to different users such as customers, partners, and employees while ensuring security and scalability. You can choose what type of data is displayed to each user type in the community. Users don’t need a Salesforce license to use it. Instead, they need a community license, which is cheaper.
Speed: You can choose from many different templates already made, or you can make your own.
Ease: The system is very easy to use, which makes it easier to run.
Multiple features: Lets you make fully customized websites and applications to match the style of your business. You can also make online campaign platforms, find online payment options, and leverage your marketing resources.
Flexibility: Salesforce has a lot of experience working with companies in many different industries. Because of this, it has learned to offer a wide range of services and is ready to meet the needs of any organization, no matter how they change.
Low cost: It costs less than producing your website or application. It saves the support team money because many of their tasks will be transferred to Salesforce. the support team can then focus on customer service.
Integration. It works well with your Salesforce solution, making it easier to add new features that your business will need in the future.
Improved user experience. It makes it easier for your users, whether they are customers, partners or employees, to interact with your company. On the other hand, because it provides a connected digital experience, it is one of the latest trends in managing customer relationships.

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