Today, the way of working has changed. The update is a working update and works as a digital tool as well as an ally. With G Fit (your Google Tasks) you can improve the efficiency of your employee's office-related business: Potential is potential. .

Differences between Google File Stream and Google Drive

Today, the way of working has changed. The update is a working update and works as a digital tool as well as an ally. With G Fit (your Google Tasks) you can improve the efficiency of your employee’s office-related business: Potential is potential. .

Google corrupts the device or computer undetected. Therefore, indefinitely safe and secure. Also it is essential to have this enabled as well as having updates suitable for everyone as this will change as updates are made so it will be suitable for you as all updates are made.

How to do business in your company or in Google in the wrong way?

In reality, the tools are meant to complement and enable. If we talk about Google, then there are documents to download and documents for our computer.

This way, it’s fully integrated (often with all sorts of systems, extensions, or licks) as pathologists act, communicate, and assist in the weather with team tools. Google is in a position to give more details about when the computer will need to download. , Fully launched.

What are the benefits of switching from Google Drive to Google Files Stream?

File Stream is one of the best options for companies that work with desktop applications and heavy files. At Google’s leading partner, we recommend companies that have Google Workspace services consider the option of using Google Drive to stream file to computers. This is an excellent option if:

Your company is dedicated to marketing, design, or architecture, so it uses many desktop applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Creative Cloud packages, with very large documents that cannot be opened or edited from disk.

You’re using a Mac or Windows computer (not a Chromebook), so uploading files to Drive is often manual. This way, you can back up and sync your computer files automatically.
A significant part of your work happens outside of Google Workspace applications.

Your computer uses different devices during its normal activity (Mac and/or Windows), so it can’t always access the files on your desktop. File Stream is very useful in this case, as your File Stream Desktop folder will have access to all your devices.

The most important thing to keep in mind before you start using file stream

Google Drive File Stream is a very simple tool to use, allowing the same usage as a normal folder on our Chromebook or Windows, but with the advantage that the information is in the cloud.

To begin with, it is necessary to know that as of now, the service is only available to Google Business users and its applications and functionalities for work groups or individual users who have contracted the professional Google Workspace service. Also, with File Stream, all users will need to have a good internet connection primarily because the service is synchronized with your disk in real time.

Another main advantage of using File Stream is that it allows you to access files stored in Google Drive from your computer. Changes you make to your files will be synced. All files stored on shared drives, USBs, and other computers will be displayed on your computer without having to be downloaded from the cloud. You can mirror files from My Drive or view them without downloading them.

How to download and sync Google Files stream to your computer step by step

With Disk for Computer you can have files saved in the cloud and files synchronized on your computer. Synchronization includes downloading files from the cloud and uploading files from your computer’s hard drive. When the synchronization process is complete, the files you save on your computer and in the cloud will be identical. If you edit, delete, or move a file in one location, the changes will be applied to the other location. That way, your files will always be up-to-date and you can access them from any device, no matter where you are.

1. Download the application and install it

You need to install disc for computer to get started. It is compatible for both Mac and Windows. I remember that in the case of Chromebook (Chrome OS), it would not be necessary to install the application, as this synchronization is automatic.

Windows: Download the document here and run it silently.
Mac: Download the document here and run it silently.

2. Login

To continue with the installation, you will need to log in with the account you want to sync. Make sure it is the correct G Suite account.

3. Transfer the documents

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a folder called “Drive File Stream” appear on your desktop. If you don’t see it, go to your team’s drive. If you enter it, you will see that all the folders and documents that you already had created in your Drive account appear. Now you can start transferring your documents, either by creating a folder directly from here or from Drive, or by uploading your files to the folders you’ve already created.

In case you want to transfer documents from a folder you already have on your desktop, you can drag it directly to the location in Drive where you want to upload it. You can also copy the files/folders and paste them into the File Stream.

In this step it is essential that you know exactly how much the files you want to upload take up and how much space you have available, since in the upload process you could reach the limit.

4. Check Drive file sync

After uploading your documents, you can check the update status of your files from File Stream. If you’re on Windows, go to the bottom right section of the taskbar, open the dropdown menu, and click the File Stream app. In the case of Mac, follow the same process, but in the upper right bar.

Once you have clicked on this application, a window will appear with the latest files synced from your desktop and notifications.

5. Open and edit files from File Stream

Once the documents have been transferred to File Stream, you can access and edit them. You just need to go to the File Stream desktop folder and open the document directly. For example, if you are editing a file with an Adobe application, you can open and edit it directly. When you’re done, just save the file and it will be automatically updated in the File Stream.

6. Pause syncs

At some point, you may want to pause the sync process if your connection is weak or you have a heavy workload on your computer. To do this, go to the File Stream taskbar window, click Settings and go to “Pause Sync”. When you want it to be reactivated, you will only have to repeat the process and click on “Continue with the Synchronization”.

7. Everything updated and without copies on hard drives

As you have seen, with this process you can save yourself the process of manually uploading files and versions to Google Drive, or storing these files on a hard drive or external drive. This greatly facilitates the day-to-day work of those professionals who work with heavy documents and editing (Marketing, design, architecture…).

With this method, all your important files will be in your Drive folder, and if you need to edit them in a desktop app, you can do so via the local folder on your computer.


Which is the biggest game in the world?

If you are a fan of gaming, then you must know which is the best game in the world.

You must have played many games on your life’s journey. Nowadays, there are many games of this type whose people are crazy, and to play them, they are engaged in mobile and computer day and night.

Games played around the world include many car racing games, many sports games, and many action and ghost games. The list of such games is being told to you.

This article tells you about “What is the biggest game in the world“. Therefore, I ask you to read this article to the end so that you can get complete information about it.

What is the game?

It is a program created by the computer that gives you many easy and great functions. The user interface is added to the program created by the computer and accordingly you use it on your mobile device and computer.

That program is called a game. These types of games are played only on mobile devices and computers. Apart from this, there are many other types of games that you play as well.

Game types

Well, there are many types of games like

  1. Indoor game: Games played on an enclosed field. In these games, there are many games like carrom, chess, etc., which you can play while sitting in one place. Similar games are called indoor games.
  2. Outdoor Games: Games played in open fields, such games are called outdoor games. Such games include cricket, soccer, volleyball, etc. Although hollyball can also be an indoor game if a separate enclosed field is made for it.
  3. Digital Games: Games that are played on mobile and computer are called digital games. These types of games are also similar to indoor games. Only the player is enough to play them, such games include all those computer games like card games, cricket games, etc.

Biggest game

By the way, all the games that are played in the world are great that we play or see others play. But there are also some games that are great in themselves and people become fans of those games just because of the name of the game.

You are informed about the list of great games which are as follows.

Most played indoor games

Before knowing about indoor games, it is important to know that this game can be played sitting anywhere, while these games can also be played from the computer in closed rooms. Following are some of these games in the list of such games.

  • Card Game: This is a game that everyone loves to play. According to the rules, 4 people play this game together, but in some circumstances 2 people or even 3 people can play together. This game can be played sitting anywhere.
  • Carrom Game: This game can also be played sitting in one place. 4 people are needed to play this game. 2 people can play this game simultaneously. The main objective of this game is to find the queen.
  • Indoor Swimming: This is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game requires a pool in which all players can swim. Whoever comes first in this game is declared the winner.

Most played outdoor games

    • Pubg: This is an action game played in groups of 4 people. In this game, the user is sent to Ireland from where he fights with 96 other people, finds them and kills them. The one who survives until the end of this game is called the winner in this game. This game is considered to be the biggest game and you have to loot many types of weapons in this game.
    • Free Fire: This game is also an action game like PUBG . This game has the opportunity to play with 50 people. In this game you also have the same as pubg and not only this it is also cooler than pubg game. This game can also be played in a group of 4 people. Since PUBG game got banned in India, the demand for this game is increasing a lot and not only this, people also like this game.
    • Online Cricket Game:  Nowadays, the era of online cricket game is also increasing a lot. In such a situation, if you like to play this game online as well as on a computer or mobile device, then you will know how good this game is. In this game you have the feeling of a real cricket game. In this you can play batting and you can also play bowling.


  • Online Racing Game: If you like racing games then you can play this game online too. If you play this game on mobile then for that you have to install this game on your mobile. You can also play this game on computer or laptop.
  • Vice City V: The real fun of playing real life games on computer comes in this play. You can play this game only on a computer or laptop. This game is also very popular among people and sports fans nowadays.



In this article, you have been told about the most spectacular, biggest and most played games in the world. All of these games are more than just a great game.

The list of those great games has been given above. I hope you liked this article.

What is an Hacking Operating System and its features

What is an Operating System and its features?

The operating system is the most important software that runs on the computer. It manages the computer’s memory and processes, as well as the computer’s hardware and software. It allows you to interact with the computer.

If you don’t know what the operating system is, what is the operating system? then it doesn’t matter because when you read this post today you will understand it well.

With this you will also know what are the types of operating system and how it works? You will get the answer to all these questions by reading this post completely.

Friends, there are many parts of the human body that are necessary for survival. But the soul is such a thing that if it is not there, then the human body is of no use. As long as the soul is there, the whole body functions.

Regardless of whether a part works or not, a person lives. In the same way, there is a soul-like thing in the computer that we call the operating system.

You only know what a computer is. It also has many parts. But until this happens, the computer will not work.

Introduction to the Operating System

Operating system is system software which we also call operating system for short. In a way, it’s like a soul in a computer. Without which the computer cannot function at all.

It does all the work between the computer’s hardware and software. This is a kind of interface between the hardware and the users, that is, between us, which connects us to each other.

To put it this way, there is a foundation on which all software and hardware works. All hardware like keyboard, mouse, printer, and software like MS Office, Photoshop, and Chrome work on all operating systems.

For example, let’s take a house. If there is no land to build a house, then what is the use of having bricks, cement, sand? Now tell me, will you build a house without soil?

Your answer would be no! In the same way, you want to run the computer, you have all the things like mouse, keyboard, printer but the operating system is not installed, so yes, you understood correctly that the computer will not be on.

If you go to the store and get a new computer, install Windows 7 or 10 on it and give it to them. Suppose if you take it home without installing Windows, then you understand that you will have to go to the store again.

Because your computer won’t be on without it.

MS-Word, VLC player are all application software. The software we work on and the software the computer works with is called system software.

The system software here is the operating system itself. Now you must have understood what this is, let’s take more information about it.

working of the operating system

This is why a computer works, but it is also important to know how it works itself. From when the computer is turned on to the time the computer is turned off, how can it handle all this work by itself? This is something to think about. So let’s know what are the functions of the computer, the functions of the computer.

  • Memory Management
  • Processor Management
  • File Management
  • Device Management
  • Security
  • Control over System Performance
  • Job Account

memory management

The process of managing primary memory and secondary memory is called memory management. Primary memory which we know as RAM which is volatile memory. And whatever works in documents, it stays on temporary storage. Main memory consists of several arrays of words or bits, each with its own address. Main memory which is very fast which can be accessed directly from CPU.

When we open any software by double clicking, it should be in memory. Let’s take a quick peek at what else it works for.

  • It records each step of the primary memory. Like how much memory is being used and who is using it. Like if we use chrome then how much memory it is consuming as well as music player is running then it will also use some memory of RAM separately. It shows all the information.
  • In multi programming, the OS decides which process to give how much memory and when.
  • Memory for programs when different programs are started Distributes.
  • When a program is closed, it saves the memory back.

Processor Management

In a multithreaded programming environment, the operating system decides which process to use the processor, when to do it and for how long. This function is also called process scheduling. It performs the following activities to manage the process.

  • The OS monitors all the tasks of the processor and keeps recording the status of each process.
  • The one who runs this task is called the traffic controller.
  • It distributes the processor to any process.
  • When a process ceases to exist, it takes it back.

Device Management

You may know that each input and output device comes with a driver to install. Before using all these input or external devices, we need to install the driver.

If you do not install the driver, the computer does not recognize the device. And because of this the device does not even work.

Although drivers had to be installed for almost all devices in the OS until Windows 7, in the latest Windows, drivers have to be installed for very few devices.

This device manages communication through its driver. Let’s see how operating system device management works.

  • It tracks all devices. The program used to manage the device is called the I/O controller.
  • The OS also decides which process to give to the device, when and for how long. For example, let’s take the Photoshop program. In this, as soon as you click on Print to print the photo, the OS printer which is an output device executes for some time to process it. When the photo is printed, he takes it back to the device.
  • Use the device as much as possible in the above example.
  • Device when it’s done use. works, then deactivates it and keeps it inactive.

File Management

To use the file easily, we create a folder and keep it inside it. This makes it easy for us to create any file by category wise folder and access it anytime. We also call a directory a folder.

Places more folders and files inside the folder. That way, we know what other functions the OS does.

  • It tracks every bit of information. Along with this, what is the location of the file, when the file was created, what size it is, which user has created it, it also keeps all the information. The program that does all this process, we call it the file system.
  • OS decides who will get the resources.
  • distribute the resources among themselves.
  • li>
  • Takes back resources when not in use.


When we use more computers, we wish only we could use. So for this it also gives us security.

We can create users for ourselves and protect them by entering a password. And even if we have more than one user, we can use it separately by creating an individual user for us.

This has the advantage that the system is the same, but we can easily hide, protect and lock our personal data. This operating system gives us all the facilities.

Control over system performance

Sometimes it may have happened to you that you wanted to start a program and after some time it started.

Or you might have tried to archive some of your files and it would take a long time to process. The OS records all these delays or performance delays and also records how long after the system has responded to complete a process.

Job Account

The OS does a lot of work as well, depending on what the user did until the computer was turned on and off. And it also keeps track of which files have been worked in.

Error Detecting AIDS

Sometimes it happens that software and programs hang while working. And it also happens that due to some error the software stops in the middle. The OS also keeps track of all these errors.

Coordination between other software and users

The OS itself creates coordination between the programming language working inside the computer and the commands and inputs given by the users.

e.g. when we type “aa”, the system understands what we have written according to the (0,1) code. Then processes it and understands the programming language, then understands it and shows it to us through the output device.

The operating platform in the middle for all this performance is the OS.


Types of Operating System

Every day something changes in the world. In the same way, the OS of the computer also keeps on changing. Technology is getting more advanced.

Now such an era has come that scientists have achieved a lot of success even on artificial intelligence.

Now if there is no change in the OS then this is not possible. NASA has now reached Mars. So you can guess from this that the operating system you use at home will be used in rocket science?

No, very advanced OS is used for this which has ultimate features. From this you must have understood that it is not just one type.

There are different types according to its use and need. It is used as needed. So let us know how many types of operating systems are there.

  1. Batch Operating System
  2. Network Operating System
  3. Time-Sharing Operating System Strong>
  4. Distributed Operating System
  5. Real-Time Operating System

Operating Features

  1. Operating system is a set of several software programs that form the basis on which other programs can run.
  2. In order to install all the software, it is very important to have an operating system. is necessary.
  3. The operating system controls all the input and output devices connected to the computer.
  4. It acts as an interface between the user and the hardware. That is, when we input our work with the keyboard and mouse, the operating system controls it and then shows it to us through the output device.
  5. If we want to keep our data securely, So it also gives us security. For this it also gives us many features.

Guys, now you must have understood very well what this works.

In short

I hope you got all this information. With the change in technology every day, something new is being improved in this too.

Updating it regularly gives us many new features. So friends, how did you like this post today?

Friends, today’s information is very important, if you are studying computer related course and operating system, then it is very important for you to know what is operating system what is operating system.

Along with this, it is also necessary to know how many types of operating systems are there, how many types of operating systems are there.

What is FASTag and How does it work

What is FASTag and How does it work?

What is FASTag and How does it work? A FASTag is a type of electronic device that is installed on the front side of the windscreen of your vehicle. Which is useful for paying automatic toll tax at toll plazas. The advantage of this is that you do not have to stop at the toll plaza to pay the toll tax, you can pay the toll tax without stopping at the toll plaza.

As we all know that today when we go out with a big car on the road, we are stopped at many places on the way to pay tax at the toll plaza.

Which often sometimes becomes a big problem when there is a long line of vehicles. In which a lot of our time, car’s petrol etc. is wasted.

But now to avoid these troubles, the Government of India, the Ministry of Road and Transport Department, through the Authority of India, started the Fast Tag Scheme meaning Electronic Toll System.

So that people do not have to stand in long lines at big toll plazas.

FASTag This is a scheme through which you can cross your car without stopping at the toll plaza. It just needs to be installed on your car.

In this too, like we recharge mobile sim, in the same way it also has a recharge which lasts for a certain time. Although FASTag was started in 2014, which has been implemented almost everywhere in the whole country.

Or how is it recharged? Many such information which is related to fast tag, about which people do not have much information yet.

Keeping this in mind, today we have brought complete information related to fast tag in this article.

If you have a bus car or any other big vehicle and you are unaware of the complete information about this scheme, then read this article carefully at the end, it can prove to be very important for you.

Introduction to FASTag

As you know, there is a long line of vehicles to pay toll tax at the toll plaza. Due to which both the time of the driver of all the trains engaged in the line and the fuel of the train are spoiled.

Sometimes the agent of the toll plaza also has to face the problem due to lack of open money.

To overcome all these problems, the National Highways Authority of India has started a new system in 2014 called Electronic Toll Collection which is also known as FASTag.

Due to which toll tax can be paid without stopping at the toll plaza and trouble can be avoided.

Initially it was started at a toll plaza in Mumbai but now slowly it is being implemented all over the country.

Due to which all kinds of troubles occurring at toll plazas all over the country can be avoided.

How does FASTag work?

A fast tag is a type of electronic device that is installed on the windscreen of your vehicle and has a kind of system which works on the radio frequency identification system.

When your vehicle goes to the toll plaza, the sensor installed on the toll plaza contacts the radio frequency identification system installed in your vehicle and the tax on that toll plaza is deducted from your fast tag account, this whole system is automatic. .

After the payment is done, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and you do not have to stop at the toll plaza. Your toll tax is also paid.

To pay your toll tax through FASTag, you have to recharge your FASTag account.

A fast tag is valid for 5 years, after which you have to get a new fast tag installed in your vehicle again.

Documents Required for FASTag

If you also save your time at toll plaza by making fast tag
If you want, then you should also be aware of the necessary documents for that which is given below.

  1. One passport size photograph of the owner of the vehicle.
  2. Registration certificate of the vehicle for which you are getting the fast tag made.
  3. Aadhar card of the owner.
  4. Along with this, the mobile number and email id of the owner of the vehicle on which SMS alerts of the transaction will come.
  5. Scanned copy of vehicle registration certificate and passport size photograph.

How to make FASTag?

If you also want to get fast tag installed on your vehicle, then it is quite easy, for this you do not need to worry much, if you have the necessary documents given above, then you can easily get fast tag installed on your vehicle.

About how to install it, we have told step by step below, by following which you can get this tag made and get rid of the hassle of toll tax again and again.

  • By the way, you can buy fast tag offline from the bank by visiting any point of sale location, but here you may face some problems like long lines etc.
  • If you want to apply online, then you can also apply online for this, first of all you have to go to the web site of any such bank that opens the account of fast tag online.
  • After this you will see the option of apply for fast tag there, click on it.
  • After this, you will have to fill all the necessary information asked such as name, address, mobile number, date of birth and email id etc.
  • After this you have to fill your KYC details like driving license, passport, aadhar card etc.
  • Then you will have to fill the registration number of your vehicle for which you are getting the fast tag made.
  • In the end, you will have to scan all the asked documents and upload them in pdf format, as well as you will also have to upload a passport photo of the vehicle.
  • After that you submit the form and your fast tag account will be opened.
  • Now you can use this account of yours through mobile app.

How to install FASTag in car?

If you are also thinking of getting fast tag fast tag on your vehicle, then first of all you have to open your fast tag account.

After this, you can buy FASTag by visiting any bank which is authorized by the National Electronic Toll Collection Program which is Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank or from Paytm.

Advantages of FASTag

After going above this article, almost what can be the benefits of this tag to you such that you will not have to stop at toll to pay tax again and again, almost you must have understood this.

But apart from this, there are many benefits of the fast tag launched by the Ministry of Road and Transport, which are given below.

  • The biggest advantage of this is that there will be no long queues of vehicles at toll plazas and due to which the time of the drivers will be saved.
  • You will get cashback on the amount of all taxes paid through FASTag, let us tell you that this cashback was 10% in 2016-17 and in 2018-19 it was reduced to 5% but in the year 2019-20, this cashback was taxed at 2.5%. This cashback has been given and this cashback will come in your fast tag account in 7 days.
  • By making tax payment through fast tag, the lines of vehicles will not be engaged and due to which the fuel of the vehicles will also be saved over time, which is also a very important thing.
  • A big advantage of this is also that when earlier the drivers of the vehicles used to pay tax in rupees, then there was a lot of problem due to lack of open money and the driver had to wait till the free money was available, which is a big advantage of this fast tag.

SMS Alert Service

Let us tell you that whenever any transaction takes place with your FASTag, you get SMS alert on your registered mobile number and email along with you get 2.5 cashback for all your toll payments.

How to Recharge

As you can understand that even for paying toll tax, there should be money in the fast tag and for this you have to recharge like your mobile balance.

You can do this recharge with debit card or credit card or net banking, in this you can recharge a minimum of 100 rupees and a maximum of one lakh rupees.

Fast tag will be installed on the new vehicle

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has now made it mandatory to put fast tag on all types of newly sold 4 wheeler’s from 1st December 2019 and now every new vehicle from the car manufacturers will get the fast tag from the company itself.


Today is the age of technology, due to which human life is becoming very easy today.

Fast tag is also an important part of technology, which saves us from the problems of paying tax and long lines at toll plazas.

If you have a vehicle of your own and you want to save time by paying toll tax again and again with long lines, then you must get fast tag for your vehicle.

People should not have any problem in getting fast tag, so today we have told you about its complete information above. Which is very important for everyone in view of today’s time.

I hope that the information given to you has understood What is FastTag?

If you have not understood any information related to this in our today’s article or if you have any problem in getting fast tag in the vehicle, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box given below.

What is Motherboard and How does it work

What is Motherboard and How does it work?

What is Motherboard and How does it work? A motherboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. The components of the computer system are also input and output devices connected to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the computer’s memory holds them all together at the motherboard. It also transfers current to all the parts so they can do their job.

What is a Motherboard? You must have heard this before. Because even successful people use computers or take computer courses, they know it. You may not already be aware of this. And if you want to know about it, here I will tell you what a motherboard is. Just as a mother has many children, she keeps them all connected to each other, in the same way that a motherboard keeps all the parts of a computer system together. That’s why it’s called a motherboard. Gains are also parts of the computer, the work of each is different but they only work when connected to the motherboard. If it’s not connected to it, it can’t work.

A motherboard is the main printed circuit board (PCB) of any computer. It is also known by different names like motherboard, main circuit board, etc. Just as all parts need to be connected to the motherboard, in the same way, without some parts, it cannot work alone. So, all important information related to motherboard, we will inform about it through this post and talk about it in detail. What is the motherboard? You will also be curious to know about Motherboard, then you will know what is its history and how it works.

What is the motherboard?

In other words, the motherboard is the foundation of the computer. Just as land is needed to build a house, in the same way every part of the computer needs a base, which we know as a motherboard. This is a hub where all parts of the computer are located. I have already said that a computer motherboard is a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that connects other parts like hard drive, CPU, RAM, graphics card, TV card. Then it works, so it also provides enough electricity for them.

The motherboard is made of a very strong plastic sheet which is an insulator, that is, a poor conductor of electricity. This sheet has a thin layer of aluminum or copper foil printed on it, which we can see as a mark. These traces are very narrow and form circuits for various parts. In addition to these circuits, there are many sockets and slots on a motherboard that are used to connect all other parts.

Main Components of Motherboard

Computer motherboards are also made up of different parts, knowing that you can do little things related to the computer yourself. So let’s know how many parts are in it.

Power connectors:

To supply electricity to the central processing unit and other components, it has a power connector.

CPU socket:

You should know that there is a processor in the computer, according to its capacity, the speed at which the computer runs. The CPU socket itself helps to install the processor on the motherboard. This means that you must have understood that the CPU plugs into the socket to connect to the motherboard. There are many pins in the socket at the bottom of the motherboard that act as connectors. Supplies electricity to the processor. Apart from this, it transfers the data to other components of the computer. If you ever want to upgrade your processor, you can’t do it in this socket. For this, you must also know the different types of plugs. Pentium (P1, P2, MMX), AMD K5/K6 Socket 370: Pentium 3 processor, Intel Celeron processor Socket 7775: Intel Dual Core processor, P4, Xeon Socket 1156: Intel i3, i5, i7 processor Socket 3366: i7 900 processor

Input/output ports:

In general, the input and output ports are located on the back of the computer’s chassis. Input and output ports are often provided to connect monitors, printers, keyboards, speakers, microphones, Internet/network cables, and many USB components.


The full form of BIOS is “Basic Input Output System”, it is also a component installed on the motherboard which is in the form of an integrated chip. All your information and settings are stored in the BIOS. You can change the settings by going to BIOS mode.

CMOS Battery:

The full form of CMOS is “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor”. This is a 3.0 volt lithium cell battery.

RAM (memory) slots:

Any motherboard can have more than one slot to install RAM. This slot is close to the CPU slot. In a way, RAM is the most important part of the motherboard, which we also know as random access memory. It is also called volatile memory, it is also a temporary memory in a way. These help run the application. If a processor is fast and its RAM capacity is very high, then the application will run without problems.

IDE Connector :

Integrated Drive Electronics, also known as IDE in short, is used to connect hard disk drives to the motherboard.

SATA Connector :

The full form of SATA is Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. These are new types of connectors which have 7 pin interfaces. It is used to connect SATA hard disk and optical disk. These are faster and better than IDE connectors.

Expansion Card Slots :

Expansion card slots are used whenever you have to add a new component to the motherboard or update a part. Expansion slot helps in connecting the external card.

Storage Device Connectors:

Although we use hard disk drives, optical drives and floppy disk drives in computers, but with this we also use some other external storage devices so that we can store data and then later or in other computers. to use that data. For this we also need to connect this external storage device to the motherboard. Every motherboard has at least 2 storage device connectors available.

Co-Processor :

One of the most important components of a motherboard is the Co-Processor. It is in a way a helper of the main processor, which performs the task of mathematical calculations and computer graphics.

USBPort :

Every motherboard has a USB port so that we can connect external and storage devices like pen drives, printers.

PS/2 Connector :

This port is used to connect keyboard and mouse.

GamePort :

We use game ports to connect all types of gaming devices.

Parallel or LPT port :

Parallel port is used to connect scanner and printer.

Sound Card Connectors :

This port is very important for connecting audio devices such as speakers and microphones.

Display Connector :

With the help of this, we connect the computer monitor to the motherboard.

COM (Communication) port :

We use this port to connect devices like mouse and modem.
Function of computer motherboard in Hindi

Computer Circuitry :

Motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer, in which all the circuit boards and components important for the working of the computer are kept together. Paths are made in the circuit of the motherboard in which electricity flows as well as data is transferred from one component to another.

ComponentHub :

The primary function of the motherboard is to act as a basis on which the components of the computer are installed. It is like a hub where all the parts of the computer come and connect with each other such as the central processing unit (CPU), graphics card and system memory (RAM).


Motherboard acts as a communication hub. It manages the traffic of all the data information inside the computer system with the help of motherboard chipset. The motherboard chipset directs the data flow to the component as per the requirement.

Peripherals :

The motherboard allows every input and output device of a computer system to function. This increases the ability of the computer to complete many tasks. These devices include printers, keyboards, game controllers, external hard drives and audio jacks. To connect these devices to the computer, we plug them directly from the ports, sockets, connectors of the motherboard.

{“level”:3} –>


Motherboard has in-built RAM (Read Only Memory) and it is different from RAM which contains Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) of the computer. Its most important task is to manage the boot-up process of the computer. That is, when we turn on the power of our computer, then the BIOS itself completes the process of starting our computer system.

History of Motherboard

The motherboard that is installed in the computers we use today has come a long way. The motherboards of the computers that were used in the early days used to be quite different from the motherboards of today. It has come to us after a long road and much has changed in it. So, let’s know the history of the computer motherboard.

  • In 1981, the IBM “Planer” breadboard was the first motherboard used in computer systems.
  • In 1984, IBM devised the advanced technology that gave rise to today’s computer system . Due to advanced technology, it became quite popular and proved to be a standard motherboard that fits all kinds of desktop computers.
  • Gigabyte was born in 1986, and it was created by Ye Pei Cheng from Taiwan.
  • li>
  • In 1987, Elite Group became the world’s largest manufacturer of ECS motherboards.
  • In 1989, ACER Device formed a small company in Taiwan named Pegasus, which later became the world’s largest motherboard. maker.
  • Intel developed PAGA in 1993, the full form of which is the Plastic Pin Grid Array. Contributed to integrated circuit packaging.
  • The ATX form was released after AT in 1995. It was introduced by rectifying the drawbacks of advanced technology.
  • Intel itself began manufacturing motherboards starting this year. Likewise, its reputation was very good, so it didn’t take long for it to establish itself in the market.
  • Micro ATX boards were made in 1998, which were half the size of ATX board.< /li
  • ITX motherboards were made in 2001 and used to be very small.
  • In 2005, Intel expanded balance technology again.
  • In 2007, ASUS Tek became the world’s largest computer motherboard manufacturer.
  • Mobile ITX board was manufactured in 2009. ITX was the smallest size motherboard whose size was 60*60MM.

In summary

In today’s post, you have learned what is the definition of motherboard in English. Along with this, he also learned what is motherboard and what are the parts of motherboard. The motherboard is one of the most important parts of the computer, which has come a long way to us. You have also read this journey here in Motherboard Story in Hindi.

AWS-A-Complete-Guide What is AWS (Amazon Web Service)

What is AWS (Amazon Web Service)?

Hello friends, a warm welcome to all of you in the URLCJ Blog and today we bring a new topic for you called AWS (Amazon Web Service), you must have heard of it too, if you haven’t heard of it then let’s go to this blog This Day . Learn through the medium What is AWS and what happens under AWS? etc. Many other things related to this but to understand AWS first we will know what is cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term used to refer to the storage and access of data over the Internet. It does not store any data on the hard drive of your personal computer, you can simply access the data from a remote server. With the help of cloud computing, you can access your data from anywhere in the world.

What is AWS (Amazon Web Service)?

The full form of AWS is Amazon Web Service and it is also called Amazon Web Services. It provides web service and cloud service, i.e. it is a cloud computing platform through which all online web services of Amazon are operated and also monitored and managed. Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of global cloud-based products for various business purposes such as storage, database, analytics, networking, mobile, development tools, enterprise applications, and more, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. is included. Involved. Amazon Web Services is one such platform. Which provides easy-to-use and cost-effective cloud computing solutions in ways that are flexible, reliable, scalable, etc. Amazon Web Services is widely used for various computing purposes such as: web site hosting, application hosting/SaaS hosting, media sharing, mobile and social applications, content delivery, and media distribution, storage, backup, and disaster recovery. , development and testing environments, academic computing, search engines, social networking, etc. Aws is used by 80% of top 500 company and in today’s time. Many big companies like Instagram, Joopla, Pinterest, Netflix, Dropbox, Talkbox, Playfish, Fatopia, etc. are using AWS.

There are 3 types of service model of cloud computing

IAAS:- AWS provides you infrastructure as a service i.e. if any app or site needs infrastructure then it buys from AWS because their infrastructure is a powerful, Safe, reliable.

SAAS:- It is a kind of software distribution model. Under this, third parties provide end user applications to their customers with some administrative capability at the application level.

Paa:- Platform as a Service It hosts third party applications and reaches customers through its infrastructure and requires queues, workflow engines, databases, email Provides various services like ID etc. Customer.

What are Amazon Computer Services?

All companies use servers to store their important data securely, and millions of rupees are spent in maintaining this server, as well as getting a new server, if there is even the slightest problem, So to get out of all these troubles. For this most of the companies rent servers from AWS, so that they work safely and also save their money because in this the company has to pay the same as they are doing server and AWS. These servers are called EC2 ie Elastic Compute Cloud. When you connect data from one data to another, i.e. if you have a computing domain, then Aws provides you many services, let us know:-

The cloud compute services offered by Amazon are as follows:

EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) :- This cloud contains a virtual machine over which you have OS level control and you can run this cloud server whenever you want.

AWS Lambda?:-  This is an AWS service that allows you to run all kinds of tasks in the cloud. This tool is a huge cost saver for you as you only get paid when your tasks get executed.

Elastic Beanstalk? :- This tool provides automatic deployment and provisioning of resources such as a highly scalable production website

EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes):- This tool allows you to use Kubernetes on AWS without having to install and manage your own Kubernetes. This is a new service.

LightSail :- If you have no prior experience with AWS, it can prove beneficial to you. It automatically manages the computing, storage and networking capabilities needed to run your applications.

Batch:- It enables you to very easily and efficiently run batch computing workloads of any scale on AWS using Amazon EC2 and EC2 spot fleets.

What are the benefits of AWS?

Advantages of AWS are as follows:-

  • It provides very fast deployment
  • It allows you to deploy applications to many regions around the world with just a few clicks
  • Aws lets you Provides a secure infrastructure.
  • The most important thing is that there is no commitment, you can just use it as per your requirement and also have web service whenever you want And you can even turn it off whenever you want.
  • It allows you cloud access with unlimited capacity so you can access any amount of data on your cloud servers.
  • AWS allows organizations to use already familiar programming models, operating systems, databases, and architectures.
  • In this, you don’t have to spend any kind of money on running and maintaining a data center.
  • AWS plays the role of a global leader in providing cloud services. !
  • One of the reasons why AWS is so popular is its low-cost feature, so anyone with a small business can use it according to their needs. ne eds and can also add service as the business grows.

What are the side effects of AWS?

The side effects of AWS are as follows:-

  • Some common cloud computing issues with Amazon Web Services can occur when you move to the cloud.
  • Hardware-level changes to your application may be needed for the best performance and usage. DO NOT OFFER YOUR APPLICATIONS.
  • If you need more immediate or in-depth help, you’ll need to opt for a paid support package.
  • AWS sets default limits on those resources. which differ from region to region. These resources include images, volumes, and snapshots.

Thus we have learned in detail what is AWS and what is covered under it. Hope you liked this blog of ours and if you want to give any opinion or suggestion related to this post or have any query related to it, then comment on below comment box.

What is UPI How it Works & Benefits of UPI

What is UPI? How it Works & Benefits of UPI

The full form of UPI is Unified Payments Interface. This is an instant real-time payment system, this means that with the help of UPI, you can send money from anywhere and anytime to your friends and relatives at the same time. It has been started by National Payments Corporation of India (National Payment Corporation of India) to do interbank transactions.

Nowadays whenever we go to make online payment a new name appears in the option. We too have started preferring to pay in different ways these days.

People also need easy ways to pay with credit cards and debit cards, so people want a way that allows us to pay in seconds.

There is a new approach becoming very popular, which is known as UPI, hence What is UPI? And what is a UPI address and how does it work.< /p >

We already have several payment methods. Ever since the introduction of internet banking, people have got an opportunity to transfer money to their friends or relatives sitting at home through online internet banking.

If we talk about how we can make cashless payments, there are many ways that you often already know. In which apart from Debit Card / Credit Card, Internet Banking, Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik, FreeCharge are the major mobile wallets using which we make online payments.

But there are still many people who do not know that there is an easier way than a mobile wallet, through which we can do transactions in a very short time. Till some time back we used to do money transactions in a limited time, but now 24*7 can be done with this facility, which is named as UPI.

So without delay let us know what is UPI and how it works.

Introduction to UPI

We also know it by the name of NPCI. There are many banks in our country and people can have any bank account.

ATMs of all banks are not available everywhere and in such a situation suppose we withdraw money from SBI ATM using ICICI Debit card.

Therefore, this department also monitors the transactions taking place between one bank’s ATM to another bank’s ATM.

We can transfer money using UPI very easily. With the help of this we can make any kind of payment, for example, if you have done any online shopping then you can also pay it through UPI.

Also you can also use for Movie Tickets, OLA Uber Ride, Bus Ticket, Flight Ticket, Electricity Bill Payment, Load Money in Mobile Wallet, Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge.

Right now very few people use UPI, mainly because not everyone is fully aware of it. This post of ours is giving you information about UPI in a very easy way, so that you can also do your payment related work comfortably using this service.

Since online banking took place, people did not need to line up at the bank, it made people’s lives a little easier. Since online shopping has started, new payment options have also been discovered.

The method of payment by debit card and credit card is still very much in use, but still people want that they have to enter a code later and the transaction should go smoothly.

Recently some big changes have been made in the economy of our country. In which demonetization has been a very important step which was taken by the Prime Minister of India. After that those who used to hide notes as black money to evade tax, their evening is gone.

Those who evaded income tax and kept the money hidden in the house, their mind remained in the ground.

Common people had to face difficulties due to demonetisation. To overcome these problems, our Prime Minister advised the countrymen that all of us together have to make the entire country a cashless economy.

Cashless economy means that all payments must be made online, instead of using the money we buy.

To make a digital and cashless India, first of all it is necessary that every Indian has his own bank account and it is also necessary for everyone to know how to use the internet.

How does UPI work?

UPI works only on IMPS. Transfers are instant in IMPS (Immediate Payment Service System) and it is better than NEFT.

Transacting online with NEFT takes a lot of time and cannot even be done 24*7. But in all these cases IMPS is better as it can be transacted anytime whether it is Sunday or any holiday.

If you want to transfer money to someone’s bank account now, then all the details are needed for his/her bank account number, account type, IFSC code, branch name.

Even after having them, adding a new account by typing in the mobile phone seems a difficult task. Even after adding, you will have to wait a few hours for the new recipient account to be transferred.

This is where UPI is at the fore. UPI is an interface that allows people with any bank account to send and receive money from their smartphones, all they need to do is use their Aadhaar number, mobile number and VPA.

All you need is a UPI ID to transfer money through UPI. All you have to do is fill in the amount you want to transfer.

As soon as you transfer money, it will be transferred to the next person’s account immediately. Neither account number, nor IFSC code nor branch name is required here.

Money can be sent using UPI without knowing which bank account is being sent and what is the name of the account holder.

The overall point here is that if you have a UPI ID, you can transfer money at the same time without any details and it is a very secure method.

There is also a limit for transferring money through UPI, that is, you can send Rs 1 lakh per transaction. And for this you also have to pay a fee which is 50 paise. If seen, this is a very small amount to send money so quickly.

What is the UPI address?

The address which is something like [email protected] This address is called UPI ID. It is directly linked to our bank account.

ie if we have such address of any of our friend or relative, we can transfer money directly to their account.

How to generate and use UPI ID?

To use UPI, first you need to generate a UPI ID. To generate ID, you need to install Bank’s application in your mobile phone or you can use UPI ID generation application other than Banks.

So you can go to Google Play Store and install net banking app or UPI related application as per your bank account.

After installing you can sign in with the help of your net banking user id and password. If your bank provides UPI service, then you will definitely get its option, you will have to go there and create your ID. Like my UPI ID.

Besides net banking application there are many apps in which you can create your UPI ID which will generate UPI ID for you from mobile number linked with your bank, then whenever you want to earn money you can use that ID are transactions. can give.

BHIM, Google Pay, Phone Pe Best and secure apps are for this.

How to generate UPI:

  • Install any app from BHIM, Google Pay, Phone Pe after that enter your mobile number.
  • It will check the accounts associated with your mobile number and if there is an account associated with the mobile number, then it will show you.
  • If more than one bank is registered with that number, then now you select the bank account.
  • After this you have to set 4 digit MPIN or Passcode. Which you have to use every time to login.
  • Now you are ready to use UPI.

Benefits of UPI

Friends, by now we have learned what is UPI and how it works. This is a service which has been started by the Government of India and specially started for the convenience of the people.

It benefits us, so let us know if we want to use UPI then what will it benefit us.

Cheapest Money Transfer Service

UPI is the cheapest way to transfer funds. In NEFT and IMPS also we have to pay minimum 2.5 fee.

But to transfer money through UPI it takes very less money which is 50 paise.

There are also some applications that do not charge for fund transfer such as Google Pay does not charge any money for fund transfer.

Relief from cash transactions

By the way, now in our country there are many such ways in which we can transact money. No need to carry cash in pocket.

So earlier there was a danger that when we had to pay huge amount in the form of cash then it was very dangerous to carry it from one place to another.

The time has come for you to send any huge amount from your phone sitting at home.

Description not required

In order to transfer funds, except UPI, all other methods require the account details of the person to whom you want to send money.

There are many mobile users and they do all the work from the smartphone itself, so adding the bank details of the new recipient and waiting for the confirmation seems very difficult.

The most beneficial thing in UPI is that we only need ID for fund transfer, not bank details.

UPI App Selection

It is not necessary that you can use only one UPI. Not at all, you can use any app that provides Unified Payment Interface service.

multiple accounts in one UPI ID

If you have registered multiple bank accounts with only one mobile number, you can use multiple banks simultaneously with the same ID while generating UPI ID.

You also get the option to choose the bank in it.

Instant Transfer

UPI’s service is based on IMPS and IMPS is instant money transfer service.

It can be used 24*7 anytime. And after making the payment, the money reaches immediately. Whereas in other services it takes some time after sending money.


In today’s post, we learned that now only debit card, credit card, online banking is not necessary, apart from this new options have also come so that we can do money transactions.

Everyone wants everything to go smoothly. Bank details have to be added to do online internet transactions.

But today only a code which is generated through UPI, is used to do the transaction. The shorter the transaction process, the easier it is for people.

Through this post you also got to know what is UPI address, how it works and what are its benefits. Time has come that people have less time and want to do everything as soon as possible.

What is My LIVE location How Find Your Location

What is My LIVE location? How Find My Location

People adopt many ways to check location, if you also want to learn how to check location then this article is for you, today we will tell you how to know my live location. is it?

Often, people go where they find the location of that place using Google or some other method. Many times people also find out the location of their house through the network. If you also want to learn how to find out the location, then you should read the full article.

How to find the location

Next we are going to tell you different ways to know your live location:

With Google Maps:

Many people find their location from the Google app, sometimes it happens that people go to another state and if they don’t know the address of that state, then they search the location of that state through Google Map. And then get to that state based on the location given by Google Map.

To find your location from Google Maps, you must first visit the website or use the app you already have on your phone.

When you open it, a blue GPS symbol will appear in the corner. As soon as you touch it, you will see the name of the places around you along with the location.

Search location from WhatsApp:

To find the WhatsApp location, you need to follow these steps:-

You can open the WhatsApp chat of anyone nearby on your phone with whom you can share your location.

After doing this, click the option with attachment.

As soon as you click on the attachment icon, many options appear where you have to click on the option that shows the location.

As soon as you click on the location, there will be a few options that you need to click on the location you see live. After this, you can share your location.

This will not only allow you to know the front but also its location.

Location from the train station:

If you’re traveling by train and want to know where you are right now, there are two ways to find out. Trains are often boarding, stopping for short periods at different stations. You’ll know where you are by the name written on it.

The second way is that to know the location of the train, you have to know the number of the train, only then can you find the location of the train.

If you don’t have the train number, then you can know the number of that train from Google, you will be able to find the location of that train from the train number itself.

If you want to know the location of the train, you must first go to the Chrome browser on your phone.

As soon as you open the Chrome browser, you should search by typing the live train status.

As soon as you do a search by typing live train status in Chrome browser, you will see many links where you need to go to this website.

Clicking on the website will open a landing page where you need to enter your train number and train travel date.

After doing this, click Get Running Status.

After doing all these procedures, you will see all the details of that train like what is the name of that train, where is that train right now? And what station will that train stop at now? And where will this train go from?

During these activities you will get all this information, so you can check your location while you are on the train.

Know your live location from the location dashboard

Along the way, you may have seen green or blue boards, which are written everywhere on the other side. who else ich state or district you are in, it is also written in big letters on the board. For example, if you are in Ranchi, then enter here, a board will appear, on which “Welcome to Ranchi” is written.

Mobile App for Live Location Tracking:

There are many mobile apps through which we can track the location:-

1. Live Location

With this app you will know your live location. First install it in your phone, then give permission. Your location should also be on in this.

Now enter your email and number and set it up, then you can know your live location with one touch whenever you want. For this you just touch the circle at the center, you will get the place name along with the map.

In this app you also get information about Live Location, GPS Time, Number Locator, Find Address and Live Weather.

2. GPS Location Finder

With this, you will not only be able to know the location of your loved ones but also those of your family. You must have a phone that GPS works on, please install this app. After that, turn on your GPS as soon as you leave the house, then wherever you go, you’ll continue to get location information via the map in that app.

In this, you can also create a group of your family, from where you will get the location of other members as well.

3. My location

This app is the best out there, it gives you latitude and longitude along with your current location. With this also comes the full address of that place. You can also see your exact location from a satellite map.

At the end of the day, where you’ve gone throughout the day, all of that comes in the form of a list. If you want, you can also save the location or address of a particular place, so you can use it further.

4. My GPS location

This app is also very useful to know your location, here you can also get your speed and accuracy from the overview. After that, the next option is the map, from where you are standing now and what building or place is nearby, it all comes.

You can configure it according to the My GPS settings, from there the coordinate format, map type, longitude and speed are configured. Apart from this, whenever you are passing through that new place, you can keep the app on until that option is available as well.

5. Mobile Number Locator

Listening, this app seems to be locating the number, but you can get your location and your contact’s location with this. In it, you just need to enter your number and then with the help of GPS, this app will tell you the exact location.

If someone’s call also comes, then where is it from, what is the name, it will also say everything. And you can also check by entering someone’s number where that person is.


People use different methods to find out their location, by checking location, people easily travel from one place to another without asking anyone. This facility has been made possible through the Internet, which was not available for some time.

At that time people went from one place to another asking each other, but since the ease of finding the location through the internet emerged, people travel without asking anyone by locating the location through the map.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article of ours and you have to ask your question What is my live location? The answer has also been found, for which we have told you in many ways. If you liked this post, share it with your friends as well.

What is MS Office and What are the features of MS Office

What is MS Office crack and What are the features of MS Office?

MS Office, which we also call Microsoft Office, is a popular office suite created under Microsoft. This is a package through which all office related work can be done. There are different types of Office-related tasks, for which Microsoft has created a bundle of many programs.

Computer learners know that there are many courses under computer, but if you do not know about the most basic application of computer, then you may find it difficult to work, so it is important for everyone to understand that MS What is office? And what are the features of MS Office? When you will know what is the use of MS Office, it will be very beneficial for future also.

Under this package there are many software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. So if you do not have complete information about them, then today in this article you will know in detail about this software package. Under this we will tell you what is MS Office and what are its uses? What is the function of this package and what are its uses?

Well here we will talk about many other such facts, what is the full form of MS Office and what is its history? As we all know that today computers are being used everywhere, whether it is a small hospital or a big college, hotel, everyone will definitely get the use of computer for some work or the other.

Today computers are being used so much that without it it may seem impossible to work today. Perhaps you would not have tried to know about all these and even if you did, you would not have got the right information about it.

But today we are going to tell you everything about Office software suite in detail, so if you want to know about Microsoft in detail, then read this article carefully till the bottom.

What is MS Office?

MS Office is a client software created by Microsoft company which was first launched on August 1, 1988 in Las Vegas by Bill Gates. Initially, Powerpoint, Excel and Word were only 3 features in Microsoft Office.

But today you will get to see many great features in Microsoft Office which make our work easier. Microsoft was primarily created for tasks performed in Office such as creating documents, creating data tables, creating files, etc.

There are versions of Microsoft Office that have been worked on, but the latest version of Microsoft Office is Office 2019 which is currently being worked on.

Microsoft Office is a group of specialized software that includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, etc. All these software are used for different tasks, which we will know in detail below.

What is the full form of MS Office?

The full name of MS Office is Microsoft Office.

It is also called Microsoft Office in Hindi which means Microsoft Office.

You must have also used a computer for some of your work. If you are a student or work in an office, you must have used Microsoft Office on your computer to create any file, resume, create document etc.

Now that you know that Microsoft Office software on the computer through which you create your documents and create resumes, know that it is Microsoft Office and now we understand how it works.

MS Office Functions

Microsoft Office consists of a bunch of software that work in different ways. Each software is made for its different work like Microsoft Word is used to create document files and MS Excel is used to create Word sheets.

MS Powerpoint is used for presentation for office or any other place, MS Outlook is used to manage email and calendar, similarly all software of MS Office is made for a specific task. go. Happens.

Friends, there is no doubt that today computer has brought a new revolution around the world. In today’s time, we get such software in the computer, with the help of which we can do hours of work in few seconds.

Like Microsoft Office software, a software that has made a person’s job much easier, we all know that when computers were not Microsoft Office software, it took us many hours to create any necessary office work. And it took days. file.

It used to take many days to do any business related work, but today since Microsoft has come, this work has become very easy.

Means that with the use of Microsoft Office software, files can be created easily in less time and business work can be done in very less time.

Today Microsoft Office has become one of the most popular software in the world.

When it is so popular all over the world and makes our work so easy why not go through it in detail like what is Microsoft Office, what is its history and what are its components. Many other types of information that are related to Microsoft. Let us know about all these in detail:

Components of MS Office

As we told you above that Microsoft Office is made up of many small component software, which have their own different functions, now what are the components in this list:

  • MS Access (Microsoft Excel)
  • MS InfoPath Designer (Microsoft InfoPath Designer)
  • Microsoft InfoPath Filler
  • MS OneNote (Microsoft OneNote)
  • MS Power Point (Microsoft Power Point)
  • MS Outlook (Microsoft Outlook)
  • MS Word (Microsoft Word)
  • MS Publisher (Microsoft Publisher)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)

These are all components of the office.

History of MS Office

Microsoft Office was first launched on August 1, 1988 in Las Vegas by Bill Gates and then it had only 3 components which were MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint.

The launch was followed by an MS Office update, which first added the spell checker feature, which highlighted any misspelled words.

This was followed by the addition of the OLE data integration feature, followed by the Visual Vesick for Application Scripting Language feature, and several updates for Business Office by Microsoft, and later by Microsoft, on July 10, 2012. Launched a new version of Office.

Which was named Office Business Application, this version was launched for business work. Now MS Office is available in store for Windows operating system and Mac operating system and also for Android and iOS. The latest version of Office is Office 2019 which was released on 24th September 2018.

History of Microsoft Office Versions

  1. Microsoft Office 95
  2. Microsoft Office 97
  3. Microsoft Office 2000
  4. Microsoft Office XP
  5. Microsoft Office 2003
  6. Microsoft Office 2007
  7. Microsoft Office 2010
  8. Microsoft Office 2013
  9. Microsoft Office 2016

Advantages of MS Office

Microsoft Office is such a software, with the help of which we can easily do many of our difficult tasks, where we take a lot of time to create our resume, files etc. And today we can do the same thing. Help of Microsoft Office in very less time. I can.

Microsoft has many advantages which you can see below:

Microsoft Office is an online working software. With the help of which we can do our work anywhere anytime.
There are many other types of software in Microsoft, with the help of which we can easily do many of our tasks like writing letters, creating PDF, creating files etc. .. easily in less time.
With its help you can fulfill business related needs.

It is a very useful software launched by Microsoft company which has made the person’s work very easy. Microsoft today is available in over 35 languages. Its various variants were brought in the market but as of now its latest version is 2019. Which computer users can install in the computer according to their requirement.

Today it is the most popular software used in the world to create program files, document data tables, etc. At that point, there are over 1.2 million users of Microsoft Office software, which gives an idea of ​​how popular Microsoft software is.

In short

This software suite is required in almost every work done in the computer. It helps in doing almost all kinds of official work. Here we have given you information about what are the components of this software suite. In this article, we also told you what is its history and what are its benefits.